Governance Talk with Gabriele Sons

HR competence and responsibility in the supervisory board– Is it all about people?

HR competence and responsibility in the supervisory board

Welcome to our Governance Talks series - the expert talk on current hot topics in the field of corporate governance.

There currently is a broad public discourse on how supervisory boards should act in the future in order to be able to fulfil their duties as effectively as possible regarding the challenges of today and tomorrow. In this context, there is an increasing focus on the importance of the supervisory board on human resource issues, which includes not only succession planning and remuneration of the board, but also a holistic approach to the issues of talent management and human resources strategy. A look at the qualification matrices of the supervisory boards of listed companies, which are now to be published, makes it clear that hardly any members with HR expertise are represented on the boards.

Today we discuss the importance of personnel expertise on the supervisory board and how far the personnel responsibility of the supervisory board extends with Ms Gabriele Sons.

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